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Basketball Basics 101 

Basketball Basics 102

Team Sessions & Concepts

Next Session: January 2024

Spring Basketball

Evaluations: February 2024

Our Basketball Education programs holistically address the needs of student-athletes, combining basketball skills training with an emphasis on social/emotional development, academic progress, good nutrition, and overall physical and mental health.

Basketball Basics 101

BB 101 is for players with 0-1 years of playing experience, and helps players develop athletically, refine fundamental basketball skills, and enhance their skill set for their position through skill development. This program focuses on young student athletes. They are introduced to the fundamental skills needed for the game of basketball with an emphasis placed on developing and learning proper techniques that can transition into real game situations.

Dates: 7-week program; Two Sessions: June – August and October – November
Ages: 7-9 year old boys and 7-10 year old girls

Basketball Basics 102

BB 102 is for players with at least 1 year of playing experience. This program makes use of high IQ play with equal focus on offense, defense, and game concepts through controlled scrimmages.

Dates: 7-week program; Two Sessions: June – August and October – November
Ages: 10 – 12 years old boys

Team Sessions & Concepts

Our Team Sessions and Concepts program runs twice a year (January and August) and emphasizes team concepts in preparation for the upcoming basketball season. There is a focus on team implementation of individual skills in team settings using competitive team drills. Great for pre-season and preparation for tryouts and practice.

Dates: January – February and August – September.
Ages:  7-9 year old boys and girls 

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Spring Basketball: Team DAE

Team DAE provides student-athletes the opportunity for advanced levels of skill development and competition in the sport of basketball for selected age groups and ability levels in the community. Team sessions promote personal and team development skills, while raising the level of awareness and competitive play in club and league environments.

Evaluations: February 25, 2024 
Dates: March – June
 Ages: 3rd – 4th; 4th – 5th; and 6th – 7th Grade Boys

Community Events

Safety DAE 2023

March 30, 2024

Back to School DAE 2023

Next Event: August 2024

Education Raffle

Next Event: January 2024

The Oatmeal Recipe Tour 2023

Turkey DAE Shootout 2023

We host several, free events throughout the year with our community sponsors. Join us!

Safety DAE

March 30, 2024
Held at the College of Charleston TD Arena. The DAE Foundation and the Charleston Department of Public Safety host this free community event to introduce a broader concept of public safety, while helping to educate, raise awareness, and promote safety discussions between student-athletes and the community regarding emergency contacts, creating an open forum for discussions.

Back to School DAE

August 2024
A Back to School event distributing free school supplies to students with free pizza and an open-gym shoot around for attending students. A gently-used sporting equipment swap will be set up to help residents pass along their out-grown shoes, bats, gloves, balls, bats, racquets, etc. to students in need of new items to help remove barriers of participation in youth sports.

Education Raffle

January & September
The DAE Foundation trains the whole person, not just the athlete. What happens in the classroom is more important than what we’re doing on the court. We reward student athletes for excellent academic performance by holding an Education Raffle twice a year for a free entry to BB 101/102. All students with a cumulative grade average of 90 or above may enter.

The Oatmeal Recipe Tour

Taking the DAE Foundation on the road, this program serves up Basketball Skill Development along with an emphasis on the importance of Nutrition, Education, and Social Competence. The program is offered through schools and community organizations at no cost to participants in underserved areas.

Turkey DAE Shootout

Hosted in November, on the last last dae of Basketball Basics 101 & 102, we host a special get together for campers to pick up t-shirts, take a group photo, and participate in a free throw turkey shoot out! Only Basketball Basics 101 & 102 student athletes can participate in the shoot out.

Social Competency Education Programs

Helping students and student athletes

The DAE Foundation works with community partners to create strategic social competence solutions to improve student’s soft skills, enhance interpersonal development, and help students prepare for personal and professional success.

Sessions use the DAE Foundation’s social competency curriculum to highlight
a soft skill each session and explore the topic through motivational speaking, group/individual sharing, role playing, and activities. All sessions are led by the DAE Foundation, with guest speakers and facilitators participating to share their expertise.

Curriculum Includes:
• Communication
• Time Management
• Adaptability and Mental Toughness
• Goal Setting
• Problem-Solving
• Teamwork
• Creativity
• Leadership
• Interpersonal Skills
• Attention to Detail

If your school, club, or organization is interested in integrating Social Competency Education Programs into your offerings, please email us at