March 6, 2013

Team Consulting


Our Coach’s Consultant services include running team practice drills, face-to-face meetings, emails, or phone consultations with Coach President.  Service can be contracted by the hour, month, or season.  Team Practices and drills can be designed to focus on any aspect of the game.  Consultations may include various questions regarding any of the following:

  • Team Practices
  • Individual Player Issues & Motivation
  • Instilling Confidence in Your Players
  • Specific Offenses & Defenses
  • Game Attendance or Film Review & Evaluation with Detailed Feedback
  • Practice Plans to Fit your Needs
  • Management of Media, Parents, and other Outside People
  • Team Unity & Motivation
  • College Recruiting Questions & Issues, etc

Participation in DAE Basketball programs requires time, effort and financial resources.  It is well worth the investment!  After your experience with us, we guarantee your athlete will TRAIN HARDER and PLAE STRONGER! To schedule an appointment, use the calendar below.

For more information, please contact Jermel President at or 843-330-3191.

PO Box 21994
Charleston, SC 29413