March 6, 2013

Individual/Group Training

Trainer Jermel President is an excellent teacher and motivator.  Our individual basketball skill training program is offered to both boys and girls in grades 7-12 and 13-17.  We offer a positive environment for players looking to enhance their individual fundamental skills.  Coach President will train players on all aspects of the game using college level drills which includes:

  • Ball Handling & Shooting
  • Offensive Moves & Techniques to Finish
  • Offensive & Defensive Footwork
  • Shooting off Moves
  • Learning to get Past Your Defender
  • Effectively using Your Dribble

Emphasis is also placed on the development of life skills such as:

  • Self-Esteem from trying new things and techniques.
  • Confidence from success of learning and executing drills.
  • Leadership through responsibility, discipline and communication.
  • Team Unity from trusting, respecting and working with others.
  • Commitment, motivation and work ethic from a fast-paced, fun and   positive learning environment.

Training sessions are structured according to the talent level and advancement of players. Additional benefits of the skill training include the potential exposure to scholarship opportunities through Presidents’ knowledge of the recruiting process, relationship with college coaches, and reputation.

Participation in DAE Basketball programs requires time, effort and financial resources.  It is well worth the investment!  After your experience with us, we guarantee your athlete will TRAIN HARDER and PLAE STRONGER! To schedule an appointment, use the calendar below.

Player evaluations are important for a player’s development. It is also important to know where you are as a player to determine your path of development. After your evaluation, you will be advised on what level and division you should consider.

Schedule a free consultation with Jermel President using the calendar below.

PO Box 21994
Charleston, SC 29413