March 6, 2013


The one-on-one private workout sessions are designed to provide the player with the fundamentals and basketball skills needed to accomplish success on the Professional, College, and High School levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an NBA Veteran or a high school player, the workouts are designed to improve your skill set and overall game.


  • Proper footwork (offensively & defensively)
  • Combination dribbles
  • Individual moves
  • Off the dribble/stationary shooting
  • Moving without basketball
  • Transition offense and defense
  • Penetration and transition passing
  • Rebounding positioning
  • Offensive and defensive reads
  • Post moves, etc.

Players must be willing to work and have a strong desire to improve their overall game. It doesn’t matter which level you are at right now. The private sessions will help you bring your game to the next level.

President is considered by many as one of the BEST operating in player improvement and development.

To schedule a skill development session with Jermel, follow these 5 steps below.

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