March 20, 2013


“I’d like you to know I believe you are having a valuable impact on Gracie. Thank you for your efforts. For me, Gracie spending time with you on the court goes far beyond basketball training. The skills, like confidence and self initiative, you are training into her each practice session are life-giving! Again, thank you.” Heather Fulmer

“Jermel President; Teacher, coach, adviser, skilled technician in the art of basketball with a world of experience and love for the game. Jermel has worked with my son for the past 3 years teaching both the physical and psychological intricacies of the game. He is unique in that he is able to teach theory and a true understanding of basketball, but also provide hands on technical skill sessions that improve all aspects of a player’s game. Train hard – play strong is more than a motto for Jermel and the DAE Foundation, it is what he teaches. Jermel President has the knowledge, experience, success and the ability to connect with with young players to make training enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend his training program for all up and coming players.”Joseph Wezwick

“Because of Jermel and President Productions’ training skills, my son, Logan, has become one of highest scorers in his division. Jermel’s knowledge of the game is very impressive and he is also an excellent player. I would highly recommend his training to all levels of players.” Michele Combs

“Today’s high school student-athlete is greatly different than that of yester-year. Skill development and sport specific IQ is a must! PTS has developed a system to address the specific needs of my 10th high school basketball player and his growth is noticeable and measurable.” -Dr. Kevin Ray

“Since my son started training with Jermel President a year ago, his basketball game has reached a whole new level. But so have his grades, his passion and commitment to the sport, his focus on his training and diet, his confidence, and his character. Jermel has helped him through his training program become a better ball player, while at the same time, he has helped him become a better citizen and student.” Cindi Solomon

“Donnie & Chaka Anderson, we are the parents of Baptist, who is now a Senior at Fort Dorchester High School. He has been training with Mr. Jermel President, Sr for 5 years, we also have twin boys 11 yrs old, that have been training since age 7. We have tried several different basketball camps, and did not receive the expertise training, guidance, leadership skills that Mr. Jermel President has implemented in his Program. We are very satisfied with the growth of our kids in his program. I have reommended theprogram to many. Baptiste did recieve a full Scholarship to New Berry College!!!!” Donnie & Chaka Anderson

“Jermel President excels in teaching basketball skills. But he doesn’t just teach skills, he teaches the fine details of playing the game – both mentally and physically. For example, he teaches all the shots – and when and why you use them. While some coaches focus on basic right and left lay-ups, Jermel makes sure his students can also make reverse lay-ups from both sides and finger-roll lay-ins. Jermel’s players are then able to choose the right shot against the defense they face. Early in training Jermel introduces drills that teach behind the back, between the legs and cross-over dribbling. My son has had other coaches who consider behind the back and between the legs “flashy”. Jermel understands that for players to take their game to a high level they need to have these ball-handling skills and know when to use them. Having been to the “big dance” three times, Jermel knows a little about high level basketball! Training with Jermel is intense. There is no goofing off. He pushes his players to their physical limits because he cares about them and wants to see them excel. My son is exhausted when he leaves the gym after an hour with Jermel, but exhausted in a good way – knowing that he has worked hard and learned more about the game. If you want your child to develop college level skills, college level court sense and exceptional fitness, Jermel President is the trainer for you.” Mary Saunders

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