Rick Barry Endorses Oatmeal Recipe

What a great DAE for the DAE Foundation and basketball fans in the Lowcountry! NBA Hall of Fame forward, Rick Barry, will endorse Jermel President’s Oatmeal Recipe regime! If you’ve been keeping up with DAE, you know President plans to enroll 50 children into the program next year. The Oatmeal Recipe will develop the skills of young student-athletes throughout their elementary, middle and high school careers.

According to NBA.com, Barry is “the only player ever to lead the NCAA, NBA, and ABA in scoring. His name appears near the top of every all-time offensive list.”


Photo courtesy of Rick Barry

Read the official statement from Barry below:

“Having recently learned of Jermel President’s Oatmeal Recipe Program for basketball, I am giving my endorsement to Jermel, the DAE Foundation and this outstanding program.  The United States needs a program like this to help grow the great game of basketball, while teaching other important values to the participants.  The all-encompassing Oatmeal Recipe Program focuses on the key elements necessary to succeed: proper fundamental training of the skills required to play the game, proper nutrition to be at your physical peak while playing and proper educational mentoring to prepare the student athletes for life.  I look forward to working with Jermel and his staff to find sponsors willing to get involved in such an inspiring program.”


Jermel President with Xavier McDaniel, John Kresse, Katrina McClain and Rick Barry

DAE is grateful for Barry’s support of the Oatmeal Recipe. We are humbled someone of his stature believes in what we stand for.

Learn more about Rick Barry’s legacy at http://www.nba.com/history/players/barry_bio.html.

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