Hope in Motion

The Power of the Student Athlete

Jermel President and the DAE Foundation will be a part of Hope in Motion event on July 20 at the North Charleston Sports Complex. Hit the court between noon and 3 pm for:

Shoot Around (Noon – 1 pm)
Open court shooting

Basketball Education (1 – 1:30 pm)
For athletes and parents – Connect the importance of physical activity, healthy nutrition, and social emotional learning to being at the top of your game. Get clarity on AAU/travel ball, and information on training opportunities available for your student athlete.

Basketball Skill Development (1:30 – 2 pm)
Put in the work and get the results. Coach President will run participants through the ABC’s of basketball – the fundamentals every athlete needs to practice continuously to be a skilled player. 

Basketball Tournament Play (2 – 3 pm) 
Team up with kids in your age group for 10 minutes-running clock game play. Ages: 7/8; 9/10; 11/12