DAE TV: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

Have you heard the exciting news? The DAE Foundation is coming to a screen near you! DAE TV will air Sunday, September 7th at 7:20pm. The weekly show covers a variety of topics from sports to politics.  Viewers can expect tips for student-athletes, live interviews with local and national sports affiliates and the scoop on happenings in the Lowcountry!

Get ready to see what’s up with Charleston favorites like: Ted Valentine (college referee), Laura Dolloff (Intown.com), Quintin Washington (Quintin’s Close-Ups) and Roger Newman (Occam’s Razor)! Trust us, you want to hear what they have in store! “Half Time”, brought to you by ForwardHouse, will feature current and former pro athletes–and Luther Broughton (Carolina Panthers) is the featured guest on September 7th!

Coming soon to DAE TV: Oatmeal Recipe Top 25 airs in November. The segment will highlight high school student-athletes in the Lowcountry. Will your favorite player make the cut? The Community DAE segment will shine the spotlight on non-profit organizations. For information on how to get your organization involved, please email daesocialmedia@gmail.com!

Sounds like fun right? Subscribe and join in at www.daefoundation.org/daetv!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @daechanges for live DAE TV updates!

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