May 27, 2014

About DAE

DAE Foundation Overview

The DAE (Delores and Estelle) Foundation was founded by College of Charleston Hall of Famer, Jermel President, in 1999. As a former student-­athlete in the Lowcountry, President understood the need for skill development programs in his Charleston community. Determined to educate and inform young basketball players on the opportunities and resources available to them, the DAE Foundation was born.

DAE’s mission is to educate and train student-­athletes to become skilled, effective and responsible citizens of their communities. DAE addresses the needs of student­-athletes in a holistic manner, combining innovative basketball skills training with an emphasis on moral character, academic progress, and overall physical and mental health.

The Foundation has worked with student-­athletes from a variety of schools, including, Charleston Collegiate, Burke High School and Porter Gaud. Through programs like Jermel President FUN-DA-MENTAL League, Open Gym SunDAEs, Second Chance Training and The Oatmeal Recipe, DAE has impacted hundreds of hoopers in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Oatmeal Recipe introduces children with an interest in basketball to the game.  Students learn and execute basketball techniques, develop their skills and participate on recreational teams.

The Oatmeal Recipe, endorsed by NBA Hall of Fame Forward Rick Barry, will be DAE’s biggest accomplishment to date. In January 2015, 50 students ages 7­-12 will embark on an athletic journey of a lifetime.

There’s an old saying, “Repetition is the mother of all learning.” Through its existing programs and services, the DAE Foundation teaches youth techniques in a consistent manner in hopes they never have to wonder, “What if?”

What we offer:

  • Skill Development (7 to 17 years old) for Individual, Group and Teams

  • Student-Athlete Consulting

  • International Team Travel Basketball

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DAE Foundation Founder

Established in 1999, DAE Foundation is led by Jermel President, CEO. Jermel is a former Burke High School Bull Dog and went on to a brilliant career at the College of Charleston (’95-’99). This former point guard is a member of the College of Charleston Hall Of Fame. On February 12th, 2011, Jermel was given the ultimate honor of having his number retired and it is now hanging from the rafters of the Cougar’s home court, The TD Bank Arena. After his college career, Jermel, enjoyed a pro career and was coached by National Basketball Hall of Famer Rick Barry. Upon completing his playing career, Mr. President, remembering his own trials and tribulations of growing up in the Charleston inner city, decided it was time to give back and founded the non-profit organization, the DAE Foundation and the FUN-DA-MENTAL Camp.

The DAE Foundation instructs student-athletes on skill development, nutrition, and education. We apply our efforts by partnering with schools and athletic organizations. Through the DAE Foundation, Jermel is currently training and developing middle school student-athletes at Porter-Gaud.

Through the podcast 3RIPLE 3HREAT, Jermel interviews former collegiate players, professional athletes, collegiate coaches, sports agents and more. Season 02 of the podcast focuses on psychological engagement and mental health of student-athletes.

In addition to leading his team at the DAE Foundation, Jermel’s other endeavors and affiliations include College of Charleston, Alumni Board, (2007); SAFY Board Member (2009); Cougar Club Board (Booster Club-2007); MUSC College of Nursing Board, Co-Chair (2009); Leadership South Carolina (2010); Head Coach Oceanside Collegiate Academy (2016-2018); President Productions (specializing in personal training, athletic curriculum advisement and consulting service for schools and coaches).

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